24-Carat Murder 

The first book in the Mack Dearling series pits Mack against a huge New York banking firm and the world's largest gold mining company. And Mack had moved from Bellingham, Washington, to the Yukon to get away from it all! 

The murder trail grows steep and the home fires grow hot after Lara Towne, the new school teacher, moves into Mack's B & B.  In order to win her, Mack must learn a new approach to romance, but that starts looking like a one-way street with Mack driving the wrong way. Things really heat up when he discovers that Lara's past holds secrets which easily match his own staggering flaws. 

As the body count grows to darken Mack's world, he wonders if he can win against such powerful foes. And as the tensions escalate between Mack and Lara, Mack wonders if he even wants to win this beautiful woman's generous but extremely quirky heart.


24-Carat Murder is a constantly moving story. There are no "dry spots." The characters are realistic, believable. It is very enjoyable and does not take a back seat to any other authors I've read - and for the past few years, I've been reading Clive Cussler, Tom Clancy, James Patterson, and Michael Connelly.  - Marcel Chorel

I became very involved with all the characters and cared what happened to them - so much so that I got quite upset when one of my favorite characters was killed by the villains.The book was well written, fast paced and exciting - with humour and passion included! - Karen in Calgary

Loved it very much from start to finish. I could not put it down. Characters (were) very appealing.  - Florence Mayfield

Murder on Ice
Work In Progress

Mack Dearling's in a mess. Someone is killing Yukon medical personnel, then freezing them inside blocks of ice, but the killer is clever enough not to leave any clues. But after Mack sponsors a dog sled in the Yukon Quest race, evidence starts appearing like paw prints in snow.

What will Mack do when that evidence leads back to him? As the mushers and dogs speed to the finish line, so does Mack's understanding of whom he must catch. But if Mack finds himself inside an icy tomb, what difference will it make if he just solved the case?

Love's Deep Valley
Work in Progress

Jani Davidson is a big-city scientist who lived on a dairy farm until she was thirteen. She returns to that farm in a deep mountain valley to discover what caused the cancer that killed both her mother and her aunt.

Coming back home wrenches Jani's heart. Her traitorous emotions further betray her when she finds more than one reason to delve into her past. Against her own strong will, her childhood love for Ian Maxwell, her late aunt's husband, deepens into a heart-stopping passion which threatens to derail all her future plans. 

Jani is determined to pursue her career, but will she and Ian find a way to combine their lives when his is chained to just one perfect place on earth?

Power Quest
A Young Adult Novel
Work in Progress

Seven-year-old Drew finds himself transported through time into ancient India to meet troubled Prince Dhruva, a boy his own age. Drew discovers that the wealthy young Prince has a painful family life which propels him to seek solutions through the ultimate power quest.

As Drew helps his new friend face betrayal and murder, he learns about his own immense inner power. And as Prince Dhruva begins to triumph over his foes, Drew discovers he, too, can vanquish his own enemies.

This is Book 1 of a two-part series.  Book 2, Power Realm, will follow the two boys' fascinating lives into manhood as they explore how to wisely use their exceptional powers.

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