When Elle was twelve, after spending four years in a special class for gifted children and after winning the highest award for academic excellence in that class, she wanted to be: a secretary, a teacher, a farmer, and an artist. She has no idea why!

She achieved those dreams in varying degrees, and in that order. Just think, if she had wanted to be a talk show host, a media mogul, and an iconic success who overcame a disadvantaged childhood, you might have heard of her by now!

Her best friend in that class wrote her first full-length novel when she was ten. In the darkness cast by that friend's shadow, Elle thought she couldn't write. She recalls how aggrieved her friend was when Elle won a writing contest and read her story to the class. At that time, both girls thought Elle's talents lay in visual arts.

As a teenager, Elle wanted to be a fashion designer, but the only fashion design schools were in New York and Paris, not in Western Canada where Elle was growing up. She applied to the Traphagen School in New York and was accepted. Because it was necessary that she earn the tuition fees and living expenses herself, she went to college and took a "Secretarial Science" course in order to get a higher paying job. Someone should have told her she'd make more money as a waitress. And she never discovered what "science" secretarial work entailed. Were all bosses bacteria? None of hers were! 

Elle never made it to New York to study fashion, but she designed and sewed her own clothes and made a one-off collection to help a friend stock his store. Her collection sold so quickly that she could have made more, but it didn't pay well and she had that Western Canada problem. This was long before the Project Runway shows gave amateurs a forum.

In her early twenties, a spiritual quest claimed her, and Elle spent time in a Zen monastery. Before arriving at the monastery, one evening in her home Elle experienced Kensho -  enlightenment. She became the essence of what human beings really are, not what their sense organs and mental processes reflect back to them. 

Because of that experience, when she was at the monastery she could answer all the Zen master's koans (theoretical riddles). Of course, it helped that one of the first koans he set for her was, "How do you wash the rice without wetting your hands?"  During Elle's enlightened state, she had washed her face, and she understood how to answer.  However, she never regained that exact Kensho experience and returned to her usual state of perception.

In her mid-twenties, she was guided to the ashram of an Indian guru and finally found a way to enjoy true and lasting inner fulfillment. She also received lucid answers to all her important questions.

By that time, it was evident to Elle that spiritual awareness and spiritual truths came easily to her. But she recognized that the material world - despite its underlying confluence with the spiritual world - presented her with her greatest challenges.

And so she fostered her career, took courses at night school, and eventually secured a position teaching in a community college.  She continued to teach fulltime in colleges until she radically changed her life to become a writer.

She alludes to many of her life experiences in her books to make them feel real, but the characters are fictional, as are the events.

Elle is married to a unique and special man whose amazing qualities and gut-busting sense of humour keep her entertained, even in difficult times. She is a privileged Mother to one perfect son.

Elle hopes to join her readers on this marvelous journey of life, knowing that their thoughts and insights are as important as hers. Each human being creates his or her own universe. Welcome to Elle's!

Silence.   Solitude.   Wilderness.   Yukon.    Peace.

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