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24-Carat Murder
Note to Readers

You know that saying, “you can’t make this stuff up”? Well, in my case, that’s true. Real life is my inspiration. It motivates me to create fiction that feels real.

The grizzly on the deck and the dogs cowering on the carpet? That happened. The moment where Mack and Lara step onto a bed of purple crocuses? I borrowed that from life, too. And as for the economic crisis and the power of the banking industry? You know about those issues because they are your issues, too. 
I write about such topics because I care. We live in turbulent times. What better way to speak about important matters than in a book which entertains and gives you a chance to escape from it all, yet reminds you that we can precipitate change—within ourselves, within society, within the world.

I hope you enjoy 24-Carat Murder.  It was a labor of love and a collaboration with my early readers who pointed the way.  I hope that, as a result of their generous criticism, the book is now what it should be, what it wanted to be all along--something that feels familiar to you, but is, at the same time, extraordinary. 

I wish you well. I wish you love and challenge and beauty and the strength of heart and mind to overcome your obstacles. I wish you peace, contentment, and inner perfection. May you know that you are blessed. 

Elle Maxwell


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